Hotels :: Nakhchivan International Airport

04 Dec 2023


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"Tabriz" hotel

"Tabriz" hotel is situated in  Dada Gorgud square in Nakhchivan, 5 km far from Nakhchivan International Airport. In front of the hotel there is a historical architectural monument Ismayilkhan bath-house which belongs to XVIII century and Dada Gorgud statue had been set up in front of the hotel. Tabriz hotel consists of 13 floors. And the hotel is five starred. It has 95 rooms. Hotel can serve 100 guests. All necessary facilities are created for tourists and all guests. There are 2 banguet hall; one for 550 and one small for 150 people, serve the hotel guests.

Address: Nakhchivan, Haydar Aliyev av. 17

Tel:   (99436) 544 77 01, (99436) 544 77 02

 Tebriz oteli             

"Duzdagh" hotel

It is situated at 19 km distance of Nakhchivan International Airport. The hotel has 324 hotel guest capacity. Also, sport centre, swimming pool, sauna, 7 cootages serve for people. 100 standart rooms, 35 Junior Suits, 8 VIP Suits, 1 King suits and 7 villas, totally 151 deluxe rooms are in hotel and the rooms have wonderful sightseeing of Duzdagh and Araz. All rooms are carpeted and are designed with a modern custom wallpaper.

Address: Duzdagh Shakhtasi yolu, Nakhchivan

Tel: (99436) 544 49 01 (pbx);  ( 99436) 544 49 00

 Duzdag otel



"Nagshichahan" hotel

It is situated in a wonderful sightseeing area in Shakarabad village on the bank of Nakhchivan river, 800 m far from Nakhchivan International Airport, 2 of 9 rooms are luxury, 7 of them are ordinary. Rooms are intended for 2 persons. Beside created all necessary facilities, hotel guests may also relax and enjoy nature. There are 2 banguet halls in the motel, one of is intended for 120 persons, and other is intended for 180 persons. Small zoo, special recreation place on the river bank and cottage for eating exist in the motel. Also, summer hall intended for 200 hotel guests, serves for people.

Address: Babak dis., Shakarabad village

Tel: (99436) 544 14 41




The "GRAND-NAKHCHIVAN"  hotel is situated in Nakhchivan city, 4 km far from Nakhchivan International Airport.  Hotel consists of 4 floors. It has 28 rooms. Hotel can serve 56 guests. All necessary facilities have been created for tourists and all guests.

Address: Nakhchivan city, Nagi Aliyev st.

Tel:   (99436) 545 59 32, (99436) 545 59 30