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04 Dec 2023


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Flight safety

Provision of flight safety and aviation security at the Nakhchivan International Airport

Aviation Security Service of Nakhchivan International Airport pays special attention to the protection of life and health of passengers as well as prevention of carriage of illegal weapons, explosives and other dangerous objects and security measures thereof at the Nakhchivan International Airport. Realization of this issues is entrusted to Security Service of the Airport. Security Service has relevant certificate to provide security and special license issued by Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy. Activity of the institution is carried out in the following directions:

  •      Provision of security on the territory of Nakhchivan International Airport;

  •      Check-up of aircrafts, passengers, crew members, service staff, luggage and hand luggage;

  •      Examination of cargo, mail and cockpit;

  •      Provision of IDs and indoor regime;

  •      Protection of aircrafts, territory of the airport and transportation of civil passengers located therein;

  •      Protection of life and health of passengers;

  •      Protection of objets of passengers;

  •      Issuance of necessary instructions in the course of revealing of illegal regulations;

  •      Protection of law and order in place of mass events;

Employee of Aiation Security Service regularly attends advanced training courses to be organized in special training centres abroad. Therefore, Aviation Training Centre has been established on the base of Aviation Security. This Centre has a license of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and certificate on supervision in transport service issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Operative management of provision of security in the airport premises and supervision over the territory of the airport is carried out by centralized dispatcher centre. Baxış zamanı şəxsi yoxlama (profaylinq) metodundan istifadə edilir. Protection of the building of the Airport is carried out by employees with dogs undergone special training. Employees undergone special training are also involved in check-up by training facilities. Those employees are called to fight against terrorism, reveal suspicious objects and check up aviation transport (if any information or alert exists). Airport hall, take-off lines and check-points are supervised by surveillance systems. Security zones are being created in front of Airport and other around territories. Modern techbical means are being used with a view to provide efficient supervision of Security Service. Local and mobile tools are being used with a view to reveal explosives, weapons and other dangerous objects. There is automated system of luggage classification and this system reveals objects prohibited to carry in civil aircrafts. Each civil aircraft is under supervision of surveillance system and it carries out inspection of cabin before embarkation of passengers. Special operational squad is being created in order to provide security in case of crisis. Security Service of Nakhchivan International Airport has a squad undergone special training. It is foreseen to set up automated information system in order to increase the efficiency of security service.

Aviation Security Service bears liability for enforcement of its all duties in the field of provision of regularity of flights, culture and security of passengers at the Nakhchivan International Airport.

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