Reconstruction of the air station :: text 3 :: Nakhchivan International Airport

17 Oct 2017


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NEWS / Reconstruction of the air station






        According to the reconstruction frame works of the air station complex construction works considered in the second stage due to the project has been completed. In this respect the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov and the president of  “ Azerbaijan Air Ways” Closed Joint Stock Company Jahangir Asgarov saw the completed works in the air station of the Nakhchivan International Airport. The highly reconstructed “A” crops terminal building was put into the use of passengers. The first-aid and nursery rooms, large and light waiting halls have been decorated with modern style. The modernization of the activity of Air Navigation, fruitful condition for high cultural service to the customs, migration and border services personals in the airport cover these fields as well. Two lifts, two escalators, a telescopic trap to the air liner from the crossing bridges, as well as luggage conveyer and after facilities are one of the new infrastructures in the airport.  One of the key advantages of the reconstruction works is that to divide the sections between boarding and arriving and the passenger circulation per hours to increase from 150-200 persons to 400-500 ones.